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18 August 2021

GCAQE Press Release

New paper out: Ultrafine particles in aircraft linked to engine operation, oil leakage and ill health

July 2021

GCAQE letter to CEN - withdrawal from CEN TC 436 process

July 2021

GCAQE complaint to EU Ombudsman re EASA FACTS study

17 May 2021

GCAQE Press Release

GCAQE concerns about the current CEN aircraft cabin air quality standardisation work (pr EN 17436)

1 April 2021

GCAQE Press Release

Dr Jean-Christophe Ballet / Aerotoxic Founders Virtual Memorial 

26 October 2020

GCAQE Joint Press Releases

Completion of the Standard on Aircraft Cabin Air Quality

Press Release ETF_ETUC_GCAQE_F_Brehany

Press Release EurECCA_GCAQE_F_Brehany

July 31st 2020

Captain Andrew Myers

Workers' Compensation Board - State of Oregon

Opinion & Order


2017 International Aircraft Cabin Air Conference Proceedings

Journal of Health and Pollution


2019 International Aircraft Cabin Air Conference

Aircraft Cabin Air Conference

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