17 May 2021

GCAQE Press Release

GCAQE concerns about the current CEN aircraft cabin air quality standardisation work (pr EN 17436)

1 April 2021

GCAQE Press Release

Dr Jean-Christophe Ballet / Aerotoxic Founders Virtual Memorial 

26 October 2020

GCAQE Joint Press Releases

Completion of the Standard on Aircraft Cabin Air Quality

Press Release ETF_ETUC_GCAQE_F_Brehany

Press Release EurECCA_GCAQE_F_Brehany

July 31st 2020

Captain Andrew Myers

Workers' Compensation Board - State of Oregon

Opinion & Order


2017 International Aircraft Cabin Air Conference Proceedings

Journal of Health and Pollution


2019 International Aircraft Cabin Air Conference

Aircraft Cabin Air Conference