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The Global Cabin Air Reporting System (GCARS) is a new global reporting system available for crews and passengers to report contaminated air events on aircraft. Developed by the GCAQE it uses the ICAO guidelines for reporting and will be available to all crews and passengers globally free of charge.


The Swedish SHK air accident department recommended in 1999 that there should be a global database of contaminated air events. The SHK recommendation emerged from their investigation into the contaminated air event onboard aircraft registered SE-DRE. A BAe 146 aircraft under the command of Captain Gomer in which both pilots were, for a shot time, both totally incapacitated in the descent due to exposure to oil fumes.

With no such database still available in 2017, and with many current reporting systems not publicly accessible, the GCAQE started work on the GCARS project.

GCARS is designed to supplement existing reporting and is currently in Phase 3 of its development.

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