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GCAQE Executive Board


The GCAQE is made up of an Executive Board of five elected by the membership. The current chairman is First officer Daniel Tandoi.


GCAQE Head of Research


Dr. Susan Michaelis PhD, ATPL – Former Australian pilot with over 5000 hours flying experience.  She holds a PhD (2010) in ‘Safety Sciences’ from UNSW in Sydney entitled ‘Health and Flight Safety Implications From Exposure to Contaminated Air in Aircraft.‘ In 2016 she was awarded an MSc in air safety and accident investigation from Cranfield University (UK) with a thesis addressing the mechanisms involving oil leakage into aircraft air supplies. She is a qualified air accident investigator and a visiting researcher at the University of Stirling in the UK and an independent consultant in areas addressing safety and OHS in the workplace. She has an internationally renown track record in this field stretching back over 20 years.


GCAQE Spokesperson


Captain Tristan Loraine BCAi, ATPL – Captain Loraine, a former British Airways pilot and union Health & Safety representative has been involved in research in the field of aircraft contaminated air since 2001. He was a founding GCAQE co-chairman and now an independent film-maker.


GCAQE Working Groups


The GCAQE has three main working groups that include Technical, Medical and Communications.

GCAQE Founding Patrons


Senator John Woodley (Australia) and the Countess of Mar (UK)

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