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Professor Clem Furlong Blood Test Research


Initiated by GCAQE Spokesperson Tristan Loraine in 2004, Professor Clem Furlong at the University of Washington has for many years massively under funded been developing a unique and vital blood test.  A blood test which will benefit all airline crews and the travelling public.

The blood test is to confirm exposure to the toxic organophosphate chemical present in jet engine oils called tricresyl phosphate (TCP).

We know from swab samples of the aircraft interior surfaces that crews and passengers are regularly being exposed to TCP, as it has been detected in nearly all samples analysed to date.

This vital research now in its final phases of development needs URGENT funding to be completed. If you fly, you need this blood test to be developed. Please watch the film above (recorded in late 2019 just before COVID arrived) and help get the work finished.


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